Pars Avin Trava Company is one of the leaders in the reverse osmosis membrane production and related technologies in Iran offering innovative solutions to respond environmental problems in the field of water. In Pars Avin Trava Company we try to observe technical and quality principles while meeting legal requirements to satisfy each individual customer. Hence, in our company we commit to the following principles : 

  1) Pursuing the higher policies of the government to increase the national GDP.

  2) Youthfulness and development of human resources educated in the fields of management, production, and implementation.

  3) Developing the use of up-to-date knowledge, technologies, and managing organizational knowledge to preserve the experiences and knowledge of              personnel.

  4) Honoring human resources and providing a suitable and intimate work environment and creating participation among colleagues in organizational              decision making.

  5) Creating a suitable platform for continuous training of the organization for excellence and economic progress.

  6) Preserving customer dignity and continuous improvement of the quality level of products and services to access new and larger markets.

  7) Providing conditions for cooperation and partnership with reputable companies regionally and worldwide.

  8) Exploitation of resources and recycling to protect the environment, especially the country’s water resources.

  9) Eliminating, reducing, and controlling risk in all activities of the company and increasing the safety factors.

10) Setting clear sublime milestones to benefit entire society and moving toward them.