Our History

     In 2013, Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transmission Group (WAS-CO) with direct investment of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Co. (public company), National Iranian Copper Industries Co. (public company), and Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Co. (public company) was established to implement industrial and municiple water supply projects in the Central Plateau of Iran. The executive operation of this project is currently underway with Asia Water Development Engineering Co. (public company) which is one of the sub-companies of this group. The first phase of this project, 305 km long from the Persian Gulf to Sirjan, was put into operation in November 2016 at a cost of more than 16,000 billion rials.

Along with completion of this mega project, in 2021 Pars Avin Trava Co. (private company) was established with the investment of International Mining & Industrial CPG Pars Co., Asia Water Development Engineering Co., CPG Engineering & Commercial Services GmbH., Parsland Mines & Industries Development Co. (PAMIDCO) and some other investors to provide and localize the key features of the desalination industry and prioritizing the production of reverse osmosis membranes.