One of the main features for the success of companies and economic enterprises, apart from having the commitment, expertise, creativity, and respect for customer demands is risk-taking and the courage to be present in new areas. Successful companies will be able to accurately and precisely listen to the demands and combine them with new knowledge and technologies to create a lasting effect. Customer satisfaction has been made a priority in Pars Avin Trava’s approaches to continue its activities and expand its influence in the market and achieve quality with a responsible approach to providing all services. we believe that achieving all our dreams will be possible if we want to.

After many ups and downs, for the first time, with scientific support, experts, and higher level management support , our beloved country has entered into new high-tech field which is only available in a few number of developed countries. However there is no doubt, we are at the beginning of our journey. We believe that we will stand on the track that we have taken firmly from the beginning and will move forward decisively. It is hoped that we will overcome the realms of success and reach the ultimate goal with the help of God and with the cooperation and synergy of all esteemed members of the Board despite all the obstacles and environmental factors.

To achieve the goals and policies of the company and shareholders, the CEO of the company has announced its commitment to the current policy and will make every effort to implement it, with the support of committed managers and expert colleagues of Pars Avin Trava.

Managing Director of Pars Avin Trava Company

Hossein Saeedi Manesh